Children and Young People’s Domestic Violence workers work with children and young people aged 5 to 19 years, who are affected by domestic violence

For children and young people affected by domestic violence the workers provide support for their safety and wellbeing.

The children and young people are seen individually by the workers who aim to provide a safe space for children and young people to talk about their experiences through a variety of media and activities (e.g. art work, board games, bowling etc). They will also use this time to reassure the children and young people that the violence and abuse going on around them is not their fault and help them to develop appropriate and safe coping mechanisms as well as providing safety planning advice.

Work is also undertaken with the children’s mothers or carers to help them to understand the impact of domestic abuse on their children and to support them in their parenting role. Where appropriate Groupwork may be used to enable the children and young people to explore and develop their feelings and ideas, and to help them to see that they are not alone.

The work undertaken  is short term support work rather than therapeutic work. Children and young people will be referred on to other services where it is felt that ongoing work is needed. The workers work with young men as well as young women.

How to contact us

If you would like to speak to a worker who works with children and young person’s affected by domestic violence,  please call 01422 323339

Children’s and Young People’s Support is part of Calderdale Staying Safe