A specialist service for refugee and asylum-seeking women



This is an open access specialist service. We have a Parental Support worker and family support worker available for women and children. We offer a Learning facilitator, one to one case working and group work. We have a clothing exchange which has a wide variety of women and children’s clothes, shoes and other accessories.

“Dear Women in Exile, May Allah thank you for saving me from despair. You are the family I dreamed of that could help me and show me how to love again after my time from hell.”

The service offers volunteer support and surgeries to address the many and wide ranging needs of this group of women. We also have presentations and consultancy from other organisations, some of which attend on site and others that we link with to offer additional support to women and children.

Our work also includes referral and liaison with key organisations to help support women and children.

One-to-one case working

Our one to one case working mean that we can liaise with solicitors and lawyers regarding asylum cases. We can work alongside GP`s to support asylum claims with medical reports regarding torture evidence. We also liaise with key statutory and voluntary organisations with regard to care plans.

The Centre in Huddersfield is also Hate Crime Reporting Centre.

Assisted access and community cohesion

We are here to help support women to access the services they need and require, not only for themselves but also for their children too.

We can help support women to access services across Kirklees and beyond, if they have been dispersed. Ways of support and help include: Counselling, Education, Training and Employment, Health, ESOL classes, Creche and early year provision for children.

Crisis work

Our crisis work is vital in meeting the needs of some of the most vulnerable women in our society. Our work includes supporting women who have been refused asylum and face deportation. Women who are dispersed to other areas. Women who are destitute and homeless and women who have no recourse to public funds and live in domestic violence situations.

How to contact us

For more information about our Women in Exile service please call 01484 450 866 or email wie@womencentre.org.uk