A young women and girls resilience project

Some girls and young women are living chaotic and painful lives. Some will not receive the type of intervention and support that will protect them from future life scenarios that will include drugs and alcohol, abusive relationships, unemployment, poor physical and mental health, instability, early parenthood and low level crime. As with adult women, some girls and younger women benefit from an approach which has an understanding of the issues in their lives and can work together with them to build positive futures.

Agencies in Calderdale are working together within this multi agency project to offer a distinct approach for girls and young women who have a range of needs that for various reasons can be somewhat difficult for agencies to meet. Some of these girls may not be keen to engage initially and the engagement process is a vital part of this approach. Girls and young women will be supported to have a sense of agency and control within their lives. Working closely with other agencies, the Way Forward project is uncovering and addressing hitherto hidden need and creating ways to support positive changes for today’s girls and the women and mothers of the future.

Please find links to the evaluation reports by Leeds Beckett University

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Evaluation Summary

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