Emerging Leaders programme: Women and Girls sector


This programme is designed for emerging leaders operating in the Women and Girls sector who seek to enhance their leadership capabilities and make a real and lasting impact within the sector. The programme aims to help build a stronger Women and Girls sector led by a generation of skilled, empowered, and generous social leader.

Veronika Susedkova, Women Centred Trainer & Advisor on Connecting Opportunities

Thanks to the Coutts Foundation who have funded WomenCentre’s place on the Clore Programme, Veronika is part of the 2020 cohort and is excited about being able to learn alongside inspirational women from wide variety of organisations.

The programme draws on all aspects of our Social Leaders Capabilities Framework to develop inspirational, empowering, courageous, focused, passionate and generous leadership capabilities. The programme is delivered in multiple ways and includes elements of online learning, action learning sets, coaching and mentoring, team challenges and a residential.