Applying Women Centred Principles – read our report

Welcome to this special edition of Women Centred Working. Written as part of our wider work with Connecting Opportunities and women migrants, this report is the fourth in our series.

Over the past two years, WomenCentre had the opportunity to work as part of Connecting Opportunities to support the design and delivery of services that better respond to the distinct experiences and needs of women migrants. Through training, reflection and learning, we have supported our project partners to consider, put into practice and review the women centred ways of working approach within their services. This report is an opportunity to showcase the success of the women centred approach and offer examples that have proven to work with women migrants.

‘The time is absolutely right for a dynamic approach which fully supports, integrates and learns from women centred working. Now, more than ever, there’s a strong call to make progress around gender. The women centred approach should appeal to all of us who are working to address gender disparity and counter the hostile environment in the UK.’

Kate Smith and Veronika Susedkova

If you would like further information on women centred working please contact:

Dr. Kate Smith, Practitioner Manager:

Veronika Susedkova, Women Centred Working Trainer and Advisor:


read & download PDF version of our report here

Below, watch our brief video which summarises feedback  about impact of women centred work from the external evaluation.

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