Digital Ways of Women Centred Working – report

Digital Ways of Women Centred Working is part of WomenCentre’s work with Connecting Opportunities and women migrants. It emerges from the specific challenges the pandemic presents for women migrants and women centred working in organisations at a time when measures in the UK mean that face-to-face service provision is not always possible.

This special edition of Women Centred Working is the sixth in our series of Women Centred Working.

I consider it important allowing ourselves not to get overwhelmed, hence being realistic about what is possible and in doing so I celebrate and embrace each day’s achievement, while supporting others, whether young or old. I appreciate that the authors of this report both champion women migrants’ resilience, experiences and skills. At the same time, the report recognises that women need spaces to simply be.

Lilly Ntuli, Co-Founder of Tales of a City

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