Learning from women migrants in pandemic

WomenCentre is working with Connecting Opportunities (CO) partners to share learning from women migrants in pandemic.

WomenCentre’s role on CO is to support partners to develop, share and embed good practice in the support offered to women migrants. We have also been working with women migrants directly through case studies, focus groups and other creative activities. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has impacted everyone in many different ways including women migrants and we need to learn from their lived experiences to further shape our women centred approach and practice.

Within women centred ways of working, we have always emphasised and encouraged consideration of women migrants’ assets, skills and experiences. However, many women migrants are facing multiple barriers in accessing services and are disproportionately affected by domestic abuse as well as the UK Government’s administrative and legislative measures and policies that underpin.

At the same time, women migrants have resilience, and knowledge from previous experiences that may enable them to survive and thrive in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.

WomenCentre understands that women migrants’ lives can be complex and challenging; we do not want to minimise any experiences.

Based on feedback CO partners have provided during the lockdown period, there are stories of strength and resilience that we can all learn from.

WomenCentre is running several webinars with CO staff and volunteers to explore the impact of the pandemic on women migrants, to learn from their assets, skills and experiences and to further shape women centred practice.

Please make use of the library and other resources on this page, learn more about the women centred approach here & across other CO project pages. We hope these will facilitate learning and any related discussions you have with your colleagues, families and friends.


The library collates resources showcasing women’s resilience and knowledge and some wider women centred reading resources.
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Wider resources

The impact of Covid-19 on the lives of migrant women in the UK

Dawn River, academic at the Institute of Research into Superdiversity, talks to Dr Rubina Jasani, Programme Director for Global Health at The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute in Manchester.

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