Women Centred Working with Women Migrants

The team comprises of

  • Regional Women-Centred Advisor & Trainer (Veronika Susedkova) and
  • Project Manager (Kate Smith).

What is Women-Centred Working?

The Women Centred Working initiative was initially a WomenCentre project, funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation’s Promoting Change Programme. The project was sharing good practice and promoting effective, women centred approaches on a wider national basis.

There have been three previous booklets in our series:

Women Centred Working with Women Migrants?

Women Centred Working with women migrants is a project that builds on our previous women centred working initiative and is part of Connecting Opportunities (CO). Our remit is to support the design and delivery of better services that respond to the diverse experiences and needs of women migrants. We do this by sharing good practice, changing thinking and through evaluation, reflection and learning alongside our project partners.

Our work often highlights that complex problems can impact on women migrants in multiple and different ways e.g. for some women who have experienced trauma or abuse it is important to access safe support in women-only environments.

Taking forward women-centred approaches can help unlock solutions to complex problems and deliver multiple outcomes for women migrants and their families.

The implementation of this system of thinking can also help identify and attempt to address gender specific challenges that may intersect with other imbalances of power in women migrants’ lives (such as immigration status, age, ethnicity, sexuality).

There is powerful evidence of the success of a women centred approach with women migrants in CO. The project provides travel and childcare costs, offers women-only activities and wherever possible provides women key-workers and interpreters to enable all women to access the project.

Connecting Opportunities is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.