Women Centred Learning Groups

We would like to introduce Women Centred Learning Groups for women who are part of Connecting Opportunities!

Women migrants have knowledge and expertise to widen and deepen understanding of key topics that are important to women, as well as to Connecting Opportunities.

WomenCentre would like women to join our Women Centred Learning Groups to explore a range of topics with other women who are part of Connecting Opportunities.
Women who become part of the Women Centred Learning Groups will also will work towards sharing their learning to shape and influence Connecting Opportunities and beyond.

This webpage includes

  • a tailored outline of Women Centred Learning Groups for women that can be shared by workers and volunteers
  • an overview of Women Centred Learning Groups for workers on Connecting Opportunities to support women to join the groups and activities
  • a graphic explaining the overall plan for sharing learning and bringing women migrants’ wisdom together in a dictionary
  • resources from the four Women Centred Learning Sessions that we will be running alongside women migrants
outline of women centred ways of working on Connecting Opportunities phase 3

The graphic guides you through the different elements of the Women Centred Learning Groups. We are focusing on four main topics that have arisen through work with Connection Opportunities. We will explore these topics in our Women Centred Learning Groups. Women who join the Women Centre Learning Groups set out what they want to work on and how they want to work. Each Women Centred Learning Group finishes with a learning session. We are also co-creating a Women Migrants’ Dictionary of Connection Opportunities with support from Candice Purwin, an artist working alongside us.

In 2021 we ran a webinar which introduced the Women Centred Learning Groups to everyone on Con-necting Opportunities.

You can watch the recording here and browse through and download the presentation here.
Explore the information we have for staff & volunteers and for all women migrants on Connecting Opportunities.
You can download the leaflets about how to get in touch with the WomenCentre team to join in!

PS: Here is the link to the video we mention in the presentation recording, so that you enjoy celebrating women’s achievements too:)

Connecting Opportunities is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.