Nurturing Confidence – Women Centred Learning with Women Migrants

Welcome to women centred learning on Connecting Opportunities about nurturing confidence. This page brings together learning from the second Women Centred Learning Group.

To enjoy and benefit from the resources, it is useful to understand the context of our work. Learn more about the aims of the Women Centred Learning Groups here.

When exploring both this page and the wider resources, please consider how learning from women migrants can influence your ways of working.

See below the beautiful women centred illustrations from our first learning session by Candice Purwin, who is documenting our sessions in innovative and engaging ways.

If you are part of Connecting Opportunities, you will be pleased to know that you can support women to be part of the next Women Centred Learning Group.

Please also share our resources with women migrants in your teams. Veronika can answer any questions you might have:

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