Nurturing Confidence – women centred stories & resources

As part of the Women Centred Learning Groups, Touchstone’s wellbeing team ran women-only sessions that focused on confidence, age and wellbeing.
The video below was made with women migrants who joined the sessions. It brings together lived experiences, frustrations, as well as advice that women shared with us.

We also discussed period and cycle health and WomenCentre created a brief resource here – that explores self-care and wellbeing throughout our cycle.

As part of the Women Centred Learning Groups, women offered different perspectives on the theme of nurturing confidence.
The two contributions below offer encouragement and a real confidence boost, as well as share learning about issues that important to women.

WomenCentre took part in a course about sustainable leadership on green issues by the UN Environment Programme delivered by AimHi .

The sessions were really engaging and full of interesting and thought-provoking facts – one that stood out was that we don’t really throw anything ‘away’, because there is no ‘away’, everything we use, have, bin, flush, does not go away, it just goes elsewhere on the Earth and impacts us or other in different ways…we all live in one place.

Have a look through the extensive resources about carbon and simple solutions; nature, soil and food; population and pollution and how we can fix things.

There are a lot of other places where it’s possible to learn more and consider action both individually and within our work places and spaces. For example you can learn about how our phones, computers and online habits impact the environment or you can widen your climate horizons with Mothers of Invention, who explore feminist solutions to climate issues with community leaders around the world.

As part of Women Cented Learning Groups we met with women at Dominion Training and hosted a one-off women only ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) class with focus on confidence and vocabulary building. WomenCentre designed vocabulary cards for this session which you can see under the video.

We explored what confidence looks like with women from the Tea and Talk Women’s Group at LASSN (Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network), which is a space for women on Connecting Opportunities to socialise, practice English and encourage one another in an informal setting. 

Connecting Opportunities is funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.