Case Study: #leapintothefuture

#leapintothefuture online session

Inspired by the Leap Year, WomenCentre ran a first live online session with the theme #leapintothefuture on 27th February 2020.

Lilly Ntuli, Co-Founder of Tales of a City, was our live session guest.
Tales of a City Tours is the only tour operator of its kind in the UK – a social enterprise which provides a unique perspective on our awesome city of Leeds, through Pay-As-You-Feel cultural walking tours led by refugees.

Lilly shared her successes and challenges of being a professional woman and answered many questions from CO women participants, volunteers or staff.

We were also joined by a group of women peers from the Side by Side project in WomenCentre’s Loft and we had a lively debate about women’s issues as well as aspirations.

The session was co-created with several other Connecting Opportunities partner organisations who encouraged women participants to ask questions in advance or take part live on the day.

Below are three resources which have come out of this cooperation, hopefully they will inspire you and support conversations you might have with women about career and learning journeys. So please,

  • leaf through questions and answers summary about part time work
  • watch video summary of quotes from Lilly Ntuli
  • browse through facts and figures connected to women and career in both UK and global context

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