Women Centred Working with women migrants – in Covid-19 times

Women migrants will often be disproportionately affected by any lock down, impacted by increasing economic hardship, the closing of face-to-face services, isolated in unsafe homes or without a home, and a deepening of the hostile environment. With many women migrants in low-paid and insecure work, or unemployed, and some living in shared housing, self isolation is extremely difficult or isn’t an option. Connecting Opportunities is still here and these pages are for you. We continue to work to protect ourselves and our communities.

Migrant Information Hub: https://www.migrantinfohub.co.uk/

The Migrant Information Hub offers useful information and resources to help migrants, and those supporting them, to stay safe, connected and informed, and to reduce the harmful impacts of Covid-19 on our region and on people’s lives. The Hub offers current national guidance and information from all government departments, and the World Health Organisation, also health information about Covid-19 and staying safe in different languages.