Will you light up our summer?

This summer we’re asking you to do something really important. Please will you help us to make WomenCentre in Halifax the warm, bright, cosy place it should be?

We’ve been in our centre for nearly 20 years now – 20 brilliant years of change, hope and amazing women changing their lives and building a new future. But our building is tired after all this work. The windows are old and leaky.

This Autumn we plan to replace EVERY window in WomenCentre with new, high-insulation windows to keep us all warm and dry. Our centre will look so much better and it will hugely reduce our energy usage – and our carbon footprint.

It’s a big job, it will cost over £200,000 in total. But lots of wonderful funders have already pledged their support and we’re not far off.

Now we need YOU to help us raise £25,000. That’s enough to replace the whole top floor!

Will you help us to keep women safe and warm in time for Winter? We have just 4 weeks to reach our target!

“Go to our Local Giving campaign – Click here”