Women Centred Working

Women Centred Solutions to Complex Problems

Women Centred Working is an initiative to encourage the design and delivery of more effective services for women facing multiple disadvantages.

LankellyChase Foundation works to bring about change that will transform the quality of life of people who face severe and multiple disadvantage. We are supporting this project because we are committed to changing systems so that they respond to the distinct experience and needs of women and girls.  

WomenCentre offers insight, based on expertise in working with women and girls facing severe and multiple disadvantage across a range of sectors, that can be shared in order to develop local and national agendas, and make the case for women-centred solutions.

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Offering local authorities smarter approaches for women and families with multiple needs?
Women Centred Working has produced a new Discussion Paper for local authorities. Our new 4-page briefing answers questions about the value of women centred solutions in helping councils respond to the challenge of supporting women and families with complex needs at a time of intense budget pressure. It shows, in simple terms, how a smarter approach could help public sector partners tackle problems such as domestic violence, mental illness, substance misuse and homelessness in a more effective, joined up way.

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A bigger picture…

building on what works in our centres

For many years WomenCentre has worked with policy makers and has informed national consultations to communicate to them the differences that women’s centres such as our own make to the lives of women who may be experiencing multiple injustices and hardships in their lives.

Hundreds of women each year tell us how important it is to them that there are places like ours that feel safe, are for women only and in which they are believed and respected.

Over this last year we have shared this understanding in many ways:

  • With the Ministry of Justice through their Justice Select Committee consultation on women offenders
  • Through our input into the development of NICE guidelines for women offenders experiencing domestic abuse
  • Through our input into the DWP Child Poverty Consultation
  • Through our work with Cumbria Probation Trust and other partners in Cumbria to support the development of women’s community services

Building on our organisation’s expertise in relation to women’s mental health and wellbeing,  abuse and safeguarding and effective approaches for women in the criminal justice system, WomenCentre finds itself  well placed to undertake its new work to scope and coordinate action in relation to women with severe and multiple disadvantage, working with the Lankelly Chase Foundation’s Promoting Social Change Network.

Women at the Centre

By Simon Duffy and Clare Hyde. Published by the Centre for Welfare Reform CFWR Women@Centre flyer-a-page-001 (1)

Women at the Centre helps us to understand the tremendous difficulties facing the lives of many women and children in modern Britain:

  • Poverty and the many traps built into the welfare system
  • The complacency and limited focus of many public services
  • The failure to address on-going issues of equality and power

WomenCentre helps women tackle these problems. It combines personalisation and collective community action to deliver some of the most powerful outcomes for women, families and the whole community:

  • Slashes reoffending rates to less than 5%
  • Helps women escape dependency on drugs and alcohol
  • Ensures the safety of women and children from violence and abuse
  • Supports women to transforms their own mental and physical health
  • Gets women learning, volunteering and moving out of poverty

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