WomenCentre volunteers do an amazing job – without them we would not be able to offer as much as we do to the women of Kirklees and Calderdale. This volunteers week we want to make sure that all WomenCentre volunteers know how much we appreciate their support whether they are   volunteer supporting our service delivery or volunteer board members.

In this our first blog about volunteers we want to take this opportunity to tell you about our:

Volunteering at WomenCentre during the lockdown.

Across both Kirklees and Calderdale continuing to maintain and support what was our established volunteer service delivery has not been easy. We were used to seeing our volunteers every day. They have always supported all aspects of our work undertaking a range of roles.   We have done our best to keep in contact with them all by phone, email, zoom and text. Our volunteers still wanted to do whatever they could to support our work.

In Kirklees during the early stages of lockdown, we had to set up all our volunteer counsellors to work from home and offer sessions over the phone. At first women were reluctant, as phone counselling is very different to Face to Face counselling. However, as the months went by our counselling list became very full and our counsellors quickly adapted to new ways of working. They are doing a fabulous job and have kept the sessions going to the point that during lockdown our counselling list has twice become full and we have had to recruit new volunteer counsellors.

Most of our group working volunteers in Kirklees joined our zoom activities and are still very active in providing support on zoom groups with us.

The volunteers supporting our women in exile team developed a quiz for women to learn the British Nationality exam.

Other volunteers have continued to ring and offer women emotional support or to help with service evaluations over the phone. Our walking volunteers have continued, in between lockdowns, to support our groups by supporting our virtual walking groups and creative groups.

In Calderdale our volunteers have helped to ensure that we could still respond to emergencies by helping us with essential shopping and also continuing to support our Christmas toy distribution.

One volunteer arranged for her local WI to make washable face masks for use by the women we support.

The 19 WomenCentre and WomenCentre Homes Board members who are all volunteers have all continued to attend our virtual board meetings.

We are truly grateful to you all.


Coming out of lockdown

With lockdown now easing one of our volunteers in Kirklees went on a walk and talk session with a woman who needed extra support.

For those volunteers who haven’t been able to continue to offer support we hope as things begin to ease we will be able to welcome you back soon.

As part of volunteer week 1-7th June  we will be took he opportunity to have a picnic at Greenhead Park on 27th May. It was a lovely day for a socially distant get together.

Right across the organisation our volunteers have as ever been a massive help. We have missed you, we thank you for your continued support and the time you give to WomenCentre. We hope to welcome you all back whenever it is safe to do so.

You are the missing pieces to our jigsaw!