“I quickly grew to love Women Centre; the warmth and genuineness of the people and overall homely, family atmosphere made it easy to settle in and want to spend more time there. Being involved with Women Centre is something that I feel truly honoured to be able to do. I feel a great amount of pride when women feel able to trust me with their problems or disclose sensitive information about their pasts.

The wide variety of groups that I have spent time with, has allowed me to gain invaluable experience and a great amount of confidence and trust in myself and my abilities. I’ve really enjoyed working on each of them and have been inspired and extremely proud to see how so many women’s confidence grew as time went on.

It has also reaffirmed how strong my desire is to work alongside and help others in whatever way possible. I am extremely aware that I cannot change things beyond my control, but I also believe that sometimes, a bit of help can go a long way and sometimes the extra help or voice that you provide can have a monumental impact for someone else or even be a lifeline.”



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