OVERCOMING HARDSHIP by Senada Dervisevic

How do you cope growing up from having a care free childhood to suddenly being rounded up by soldiers marching in to your village and taking over?

Senada was 9 when the army surrounded her once peaceful town, and life changed forever from a happy one to one filled with fear and terror.

Overcoming Hardship is the brand-new book from Senada Dervisevic. In it she tells her story about those first days of war, to her families’ escape to Bosnia and then to the UK before eventually coming to Kirklees, losing loved ones along the way and settling in a country thousands of miles from home, with her entire life in one suitcase to a place where she didn’t speak the language.

Senada’s unflinching account of the hardships she has encountered and how she has overcome them is thought provoking and inspiring. She shares her knowledge, thus inspiring hope and motivating others.

Her mission is to help anyone going through difficulties, to let them know that they too can hopefully overcome life’s challenges and achieve their goals and dreams.

This book is for anyone struggling with hardships in their life.

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