Our approach to women’s mental health and wellbeing is to look at the whole woman.

We recognise the effects that abuse, discrimination, physical and mental ill-health, financial pressure, unemployment, relationship conflicts and other issues have on our overall wellbeing.

The service works in both North and South Kirklees and offers: drop-in, counselling, one-to-one support, group work, self help groups, creative approaches, confidence building, eating disorder groups, pregnancy testing, links to community groups, community building, anger management, walking groups, information knowledge and other opportunities.

– for positive life changes and everyday matters.


“I was powerless, a victim of terrible human beings behavior, terrible, I was hurting, I nearly did ot live, now I am not powerless, I know I have power, inside, I am stronger every day, thanks to the work of Women Together”

How to contact us

North Kirklees 07590 445846
South Kirklees 01484 450866

Referral Form  for Womens Mental Health & Wellbeing & Mothers Apart Project

Email womenspace@womencentre.org.uk

Work produced by a service user at our art therapy group
Work produced by a service user at our art therapy group