Providing support to Mothers Living apart from their Children since 2008

Working alongside the whole mother on her wellbeing in the absence of her child.

“I had felt judged for years because of the stigma attached to having mental health problems so having my children removed felt like the final nail in the coffin.. Suddenly I was accepted for who I am and nobody was judging me for being that. This was something I had never experienced.”

We recognise you have many hoops to jump through and the stigma so often attached to living apart from children, we will discover ways to stay well. We believe that looking after you will benefit your child whether or not you live together or have any contact. We value the experiences that you bring. In a safe confidential environment you will identify ways to support your own wellbeing. We offer on-going support for mothers apart to meet, share experiences and build positive supportive relationships.

  • Mums living apart from their children to be as involved in their children’s lives, in whatever way they can.
  • Respect to be shown for mothers throughout family proceedings.
  • Understanding and awareness of stigma and the alienation which happens when women ‘leave’ their children.
  • A safe culture for mothers to ask for help.
  • A flexible approach to contact arrangements
  • Positive change around contact after adoption

Mothers Apart – Making Sense

Mothers Apart – Peer Involvement

Mothers Apart – Ongoing Support

In our hearts – book created by our Mothers Apart  project

Project Contacts:   

Huddersfield office        01484 450866  –    Project mobile: 07583766291