A specialist service for women seeking asylum, refugees and new migrants

Women-in-Exile is a project for women seeking asylum, refugees and new migrants. We work in Kirklees as part of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Service. Our aim is to improve the safety, wellbeing and quality of life for women seeking asylum, refugees and new migrants in Kirklees.


Quotes from women who attend the project:

“Within the room of love, we find friends. Friends who support with kind words and wisdom and strength. Now we no longer stand alone. But together.”


“Women in Exile is important for me… I am alone a lot. The space is good for me because it allows me to socialise.”


“This space is important because it is only for women. I need a space that is only for women.”


Women-in-Exile provides both emotional and practical support in a safe women-only child-friendly drop-in. Women who are supported by us are also involved in the development and delivery of services, as volunteers and peers. Overall, we work for a society where women’s human rights are respected and in which they are safe from persecution. We try to ensure that all women migrants are treated with justice, respect and dignity.

How to contact us

South Kirklees 01484 450866