We receive a great deal of feedback from many people about the services we offer. Sometimes these are from the women, children and young people and families we have supported. Sometimes from agencies with whom we have worked both operationally and strategically, locally, regionally and nationally. Here are some of the testimonials  from some of those individuals and partners.

Angela Everson

CEO WomenCentre Ltd

I would really like to emphasise as a professional and worker who supports families affected by domestic violence, I feel that your service is so imperative in helping adults and children to feel supported and be able to move on in their lives. I have built very positive working relationships with many of the Women’s centre staff and recognise the crucial role you play in supporting families.” Calderdale School

I sincerely believe that had you all not intervened in our lives, straightened things out, provided knowledge and support, I would not be where I am today and neither would the children” Woman accessing WomenCentre

“I came here depressed and hopeless not sure I wanted to live, I now see myself as a woman of worth, active and I can see how I can contribute to society” Woman accessing WomenCentre

“You’re great I only recommend yourself to the women I deal with.  You give women the confidential help and advice in times of need and have always been helpful to me in my role ” Statutory Organisation

“Came in sad and confused but now I’m sure of what I want and who I am. After a lifetime of fear and pain I am now more positive, I look at life in a good way. I see positivity and I want to strive to do better. I no longer wish I was dead” Woman accessing WomenCentre

“Volunteering at WomenCentre gives me a real insight into some of the issues women are facing; it also gives me the opportunity to support these women and help make a difference in their lives” WomenCentre Volunteer