Over six years WomenCentre worked on Connecting Opportunities, a project set-up to work with new migrants in West Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire to develop skills and opportunities to find work and be part of the local community, funded by the European Social Fund and The National Lottery Community Fund.

WomenCentre’s role on Connecting Opportunities was to work with women migrants and with the organisations to provide training and advice about women centred ways of working. We supported the design and delivery of regional services that better respond to the distinct experiences and needs of women migrants.
The resources below showcase the success of the women centred approach and offers examples that have proven to work with women migrants.

REPORT: Applying Women Centred Principles: Special edition of women centred working with women migrants

In this report we outline six recommended principles of women centred working with women migrants. These principles are intended to bring about change that can transform the quality of life and opportunities of women migrants, who so often face severe and multiple disadvantages. For each principle we offer a practice ideas and good practice examples for each of the principles.

REPORT: Digital Ways of Women Centred Working: Adapting and developing women centred principles with women migrants in the pandemic and beyond

This report emerged from the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presented for women migrants and women centred working in organisations at a time when measures in the UK meant that face-to-face service provision was not always possible. It serves as a model for similar future global crises. In this report we outline practical, achievable steps to women centred ways of working online and in digital spaces. We share some key areas of learning which have come out of the process of digital adaptation and explore the impact of digital transformation.

DICTIONARY: Women Migrants’ Dictionary: Women centred wisdom from Connecting Opportunities

This dictionary was created by women migrants and celebrates women migrants crafting a dictionary and centre their experiences. While most dictionaries focus on written words, we go beyond the usual form to bring together women’s drawings, photographs and video, as well as text, quotations, poetry, proverbs and narrative. These different forms enable readers to engage with women’s ideas whilst the entries offer wisdom, experiences and topics that are important to women migrants.

Further online and printable resources are available to help support and inspire women centred working.