Mental health and wellbeing service


We take a holistic approach to women’s lives and their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

We know that life experiences such as:

  • relationship difficulties
  • childhood abuse
  • sexual violence
  • domestic abuse
  • caring responsibilities
  • exploitation and persecution

can have a profound impact our mental health and wellbeing.

We offer a range of group based activities to help build resilience, confidence and self esteem and reduce isolation. You can find out about the groups we offer here on our current timetable. 

At the core of all our services  is the concept the each woman leads the way out of  her presenting difficulties with the resources, support and understanding offered by staff, volunteers and other group members at WomenCentre.

We are open to any women aged 18+ who lives in Kirklees.

How to join

Please call us on 01484 450866 if you would like to join WomenCentre and attend any of our groups. We will book you onto one of our Welcome workshops or arrange a meeting with one of our facilitators.

We offer a range of group based activities to help build resilience confidence and self esteem and reduce isolation. See timetable below.

WomenCentre is part of the Working Together Better Partnership and provides gender-specific support for women in Kirklees. See leaflet below.


A brief video from Lantern Parade in Crow Nest Part in Dewsbury on 6th October 2021 to celebrate the World Mental Health Day. Our women joined this Working Together Better Partnership event and enjoyed creative lantern making sessions.

Group Work Timetable (April to June 2024)

Download our new programme.

Yoga Videos with Ellie

Click here to view the Yoga videos.

Rough Tracks for Life

Music written and performed by women at WomenCentre.