Rough Tracks for Life 

Sisters Sing  – Volume 2


Since 2010 I have had the priveledge of running a music therapy service at WomenCentre. I feel honoured to have worked alongside so many women with so much to say in the making of this album.

They have embraced song writing as a creative form and an expressive outlet and created some incredible results. Recording this album is part of a process that spans exploring emotions, rekindling creative energy, finding courage and proudly putting songs into the public domain.

Thanks to all at WomenCentre who have contributed their songs and voices. Also to those who have been supportive along the way and recognised the immense power of music.   Emily Druce 2020


You can buy the CD for a minimum donation of £5 from WomenCentre. Just email or or ring us on 01484 450866.




1. Going Forwards – Women of WomenCentre

2. Lovely Woman – Jackie Crozier

3 .Without You – Sarah Littlewood

4. You’re not Here – Jan Gardner

5. Hope and Strength – Kayla Mills

6. My precious Mama – Deborah J

7. Lighten Me Up – Demi-Leigh

8. Get up, Get ready,  Go! – Carol Simmons

9. The person I am Inside – Abbey Hodgetts

10. Keeping me Whole – Marielle Sheffield

11. Anne’s Song – Dewsbury WomenCentre

12. Montreal Boy – Anon

13. Look Around – Alison Hampshaw

14. Shine On – Staff at WomenCentre

Rough Tracks for Life - Vol One

Our first CD is still available to buy too.